20% Tax Prep Discount
I thought you might click here...and I'm glad you did.  It's a good deal for you and me.  I'm sure I offer the best prices and services in town but I can't prove it to you unless I get a chance.  So, I'm offering a 20% discount to all new clients.  Just bring in your bill for tax prep from last year and I will beat it by 20%.  You'll get to save money and I'll get a chance to earn your business year after year.  Plus, I'm pretty sure you'll find that my regular prices are lower than what you were paying before.  I don't have the overhead costs other places have so I'm able to pass those savings on to you.  

I offer the full range of tax services for both individuals and businesses.  And yes...that 20% discount applies to business returns also!  If you need tax planning, tax estimates, or anything related to tax I can take care of it for you.  If you have some questions just click on the "Contact Me / Directions" tab and I'll get right back with you.

Bottom Line Results LLC provides financial services to both individuals and businesses. It is a locally owned, independent business with an office open year round that specializes in tax, bookkeeping, payroll and consulting work.

Bottom Line Results LLC
253 SW 3rd Street
Pendleton OR 97801
(541) 429-4420

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