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There are days when I get to work, sit down, and think, "I get to do someone's financials today!"  I love doing this stuff.  I know its pretty nerdy but there's something about entering the financial information, reconciling bank accounts and taking a look at completed financials that just flat out appeals to me.  And I'm sure you have noticed this in life but when someone enjoys what they do it shows in their quality of work.  You're going to notice it when I work for you.  I'm going to treat your books like they are my own and I'm going to be able to help you find ways to save money and make better business decisions. 

A lot of people treat bookkeeping like a chore, but it doesn't have to be.  In fact, it is one of the most important aspects of any successful business.  You would be surprised how much I can do for you with a small amount of work on your part.  Most businesses give me their bank statements, credit card statements, sales or deposit reports and I am off and running.  There can be a very small amount of work on your part to get clean, understandable financials each month.  Plus, the price is reasonable.

HERE'S what I want you to take away from all of this...I can save you time and money.  Just give me a call and let me find out more about your business and what you need.  I can give you an idea of how we could work together and put together a bid.  So call or e-mail and let's visit.  Talking is free of charge (I'm not a lawyer) so hit that "Contact Me / Directions" tab and get started. 

Bottom Line Results LLC provides financial services to both individuals and businesses. It is a locally owned, independent business with an office open year round that specializes in tax, bookkeeping, payroll and consulting work.

Bottom Line Results LLC
253 SW 3rd Street
Pendleton OR 97801
(541) 429-4420

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